When it comes to opening up your home to buyers, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Set your property up for inspection success with these simple tips.  

Clean up
Make sure your whole property is neat and tidy when buyers arrive, including the garden and outside areas. Don’t forget to clean inside ovens, cupboards and wardrobes, in case potential buyers look inside. Remove shoes from the entrance and any hazards people might trip over. Clear out the mailbox and get those rubbish bins out of sight.

Do the repairs

Little things like broken or torn flyscreens, leaking taps and non-working lights greatly detract from a property’s presentation – and they are so easy and cheap to fix! Have a look around your home and get all the small repairs done before inspection day.

Invite light and air

Air-out your home thoroughly before the inspection so it feels as fresh and clean as possible. If the weather permits, open a window during the inspections, so air keeps flowing through. Draw back curtains and blinds to bring in as much light as possible.

Personal touches
A personal touch here and there helps your home feel “lived in”, and can spark an emotional connection with a buyer. Fresh flowers are another way to add personality and flair.  

Strike the right temperature

Keep an eye on the weather and heat or cool your home so it’s comfortable at inspection times. You need to demonstrate that your property can effortlessly cope with the current climate. You should be aiming to give them a cool or warm blast upon entry, depending on what’s most welcome at that time.

Remove the pets

Pet smells or stains can turn someone off your property. Deodorise your property to remove the smell of your pets and clean traces of hair from floors and furniture. Put away feeding bowls and toys and remove any litter boxes or droppings from the yard. At inspection times take the dog for a walk so it doesn’t deter people from looking at your property thoroughly.