Attending open homes in search of your ideal property can be an exciting time, however, you may find that there are a few issues on otherwise fantastic properties that are holding you back.

Rather than discounting a property based on these issues, have a closer look – these issues may have easy and cost-efficient fixes to gain you your ideal home.

Before attending an open home inspection, it’s a good idea to write a list of your top five priorities in a property so you have a thorough understanding of your ‘must haves’, as opposed to those things that you would ‘like to have’.

When attending open homes, have this list handy and check them off. Then take a note of any issues; perhaps take photos of them, for you to evaluate your options.

Here are a few examples of issues and fixes:

Poor construction of walls or floors may seem like a huge issue, but may be easy to fix. Some walls can be demolished to open up areas of the house, and floors fixed or new floors placed over the top to gain what you are looking for.

Unappealing design
Don’t be discouraged by the ugly tiles in the perfectly sized bathroom or kitchen. Tiles can easily be replaced. Many hardware stores also have easily constructed modern flat-pack cabinetry, and many can also install custom made timber, stone or acrylic bench tops.

Take note of the storage throughout the house and evaluate whether it is enough for your needs. If there is a lack of storage consider building a shed, built-in wardrobes, or a lovely set of drawers to serve your needs.

Air Conditioning
If there isn’t any heating or cooling in the property, it is easy to install air conditioning – and it certainly adds value to the property. Also consider insulation to keep the temperature constant and to reduce your power bills.

The backyard is often full of opportunities to add value to the property. Adding a pergola, BBQ area, paving and beautiful gardens are all value adding projects.

Finally, when attending an inspection, don’t hesitate to ask the real estate agent as many questions as you like. They are there to help you get all the information you need.