With interest rates remaining low and house prices affordable, more buyers are looking to either get into the property market, upgrade or invest. 

However, before you take the plunge, you should be diligent, do your homework, and be a smart property searcher. 

Online real estate websites have certainly changed the way we search for properties. It is an invaluable resource to efficiently find properties and gain detailed information – all with a few clicks on the mouse! Real estate websites allow you to call up properties for sale in specific price ranges and locations, zoom-in on floor plans and maps, find comparable sold properties, and much more…

Google’s Street View and Google Earth is also regularly used to virtually venture up and down streets of interest, viewing properties from different angles.

Given all this, online information is still no replacement for physically inspecting a property, the surrounding area, and the suburb. The Internet is a limited experience, and some visuals and information can be a year or more old! Add to this, your mind can also add to the online visuals and anticipate what is real – and when you visit the property you realise certain aspects are quite different.

Seeing a house for yourself can also tell you all sorts of things the Internet can’t. By inspecting the property and its immediate surrounding area you gain an understanding of its vibe, the quality of shopping and dining, neighbours, infrastructure (current and upcoming), the people who live there, and the best and worst streets. None of this can be fully appreciated from the Internet. 

Also, be wary of relying on data gained from the Internet – it is possibly out-of-date or even inaccurate! 

Speaking to a highly experienced real estate agent in the area and gaining accurate and current information is highly important before making property decisions. In addition you can give the agent your specific property requirements that should then be utilised to inform you about relevant properties as they hit the market.