In our business we often come across investment property owners who are frustrated with their current Property Manager and real estate agency. They lack confidence in their knowledge and service, and feel it is not being managed properly.

A poorly managed property makes for a difficult investment, and understandably many property owners feel like they have little option but to manage the property themselves.

But there is an easier way…

There are some real estate agencies that focus on property management, and have highly experienced Property Managers who know how to quickly and easily resolve investment property issues. They only contact you for the larger decisions, and deal with the day-to-day items quickly and easily.

A Property Manager should NOT be contacting you each week. A well-managed property should only be involving you via the mid month/end-of-month statements, property inspection times and results, when rent prices are reviewed, and any large issues involving your property or tenant.

Superior Property Management agencies have strict systems in place to ensure all details are attended to. These companies know their clients are looking for:

  • Maximum income from their investment property.
  • A well-maintained property.
  • Happy tenants that look after their property.

You may pay a little more for this service, but it is certainly worth it! You save money having a property that is cared for; you save time in not having to deal with detail; and having your property tenanted with the best tenants with the least amount of vacancy between tenancies are all huge savings that are often overlooked.

Plus your property management fees are a tax deduction at the end of the financial year!

It makes a whole lot of sense to employ a highly experienced agency to manage your investment property.

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