Are you thinking of listing your property for sale this winter? Good news is there are many buyers in our local market looking to purchase, and properties are selling fairly quickly. NSW Government changes from 1st of July 2017 with support for first home buyers has encouraged more of these purchasers into our local market.

We know that many sellers like to list their property in spring, however this increased activity also means more competition against other comparable properties for buyers.

No matter the time of year you choose to sell, it’s critical that your property is presented as best as possible to the market. Here are the top seven ways to give your property that extra-edge if you want to sell this winter:

In winter, street appeal is often a bit lacking due to the fact that many plants and trees are deciduous, i.e. they lose their leaves in winter. Freshen up your property by putting out potted flowers or planting some new evergreen plants to brighten up the garden areas around your home. Also rake up leaves, prune dead branches, and mow your lawn to enhance your street appeal.

Winter can be a wonderful time to showcase some of the best features of your home. If you have a fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or centralised heating, make sure these features are on full display during the Open House Inspection.

Fireplaces should be clean and stocked with wood, and even lit before an inspection. Or heating should be turned on ahead of time so your house is warm before buyers arrive.

There are lots of personal touches that can be added to an Open House Inspection during the winter months that will bring a real sense of warmth and cosiness to your property.

Why not bake before an inspection? This not only warms-up the kitchen area, but also fills the home with inviting smells.

Little touches like these make your Open House Inspection memorable, and it allows buyers to get a good sense of what it would be like to live in your property.

At an Open House Inspection, it’s time to pull back the curtains and let the natural light in! You should also think about what time of the day is best for your Open House Inspection – that is around 10.00am – 2.00pm when winter light is at its optimum.

On dim winter days, you may need to turn on your lights and lamps to banish the dark areas.

De-cluttering and tidying are important tasks to undertake before an Open House Inspection. Make sure both indoors and outdoors are presented well from a buyer’s perspective, which may mean the outdoor table setting and umbrella needs to come out, the back patio swept and the pool cleaned.

If your property has been shut up to fend off the cold, remember to open windows and let in the fresh air before an inspection.

You want to ensure your property doesn’t smell stale or musty, so pick a time before inspections to open windows and turn on ceiling fans to allow some fresh air in. Leave enough time to warm things up again before the inspection.

To create a cosy ambience and vibe, have pillows and throws adorn couches and window seats, and light candles in certain rooms. Winter is the season to showcase your property in a cosy and inviting light, so why not make the most of it?

These are just a few things to help your home stand out if selling in winter. For any other information or suggestions, speak to one of our highly trained Sales Consultants.